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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
A Dear Friend…

It was a great day before yesterday- the 26th April 2004. Because, my dearest collegemate, had returned from Chicago, USA. Interesting part is that his position just before 1 year was worser than worse. He had lost his dear mother. He became a responsible chap for his elder sister, old father and a younger brother.

He is a native of Mannargudi. A real simple personality, with lots of hidden hopes for future. He is not at all a blowing trumpet. A balanced personality. I have no other friends like this so far. Some try to exhibit their ideas, their nature but a person who has everything and do not cares to exhibit is definitely a surprising personality to me.

With all efforts working in a sick environment, he managed to reach a level, where he was sent for training to US. An admiring thing is that he is not from the worst industry – Software, where people claim themselves as the BEST; where in reality each of them are an ambiguous.

It was however a great day after meeting my friend, who has been the same as before.

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