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Thursday, March 18, 2004
Integrated truth / mind and Soul

Unknown, Unexpected. I just could not understand this mind.
When it thinks? When it decides? All are strange.. Be very careful…

I have a conviction and belief, that I do decide by “self” my ”self”.

Inspite of that, some times my mind and my self are constantly brawling each other at times.
But thanks to the Creator, that finally my self wins. Hope so.

I have been meeting lot of upcoming yogis who talk about Karma Yogis who keep their role models – the Maha Souls.

In reality they do not even understand that Karma Yogi / yoga literally which means lots, and lots.
Some people learn the knowledge out of Curiosity and then leave the same when the mind dominates the soul.
This shows their insecurity level, their confidence level.
Some of them deny the existence of God and subsequently are not steady with decision. Our decision keeps on changing due to the very nature of the nature, which is more and more strange and strong, that “We”.

Now I understand , Why Great Yogis Denote that “We should conquer the self”.
It is to safegurard… “A spiritual defence mechanism”

Kanchipuram Knowledge

Three interesting FACTS

a) Ekambareshwarar Temple – Eke – Means “One”
Amber – Mango Tree
A mango tree, which is 3500 years old.

b) Lord murugan temple
c) Kamakshi Amman Temple

SANKAR Mutt – Sankaracharya’s Mutt.

A beautiful and divine locality. Did meditation in front of the Paramacharya’s samadhi.
A Good experience

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