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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
After a very long time it was an argument with one of my close friend. And it was the topic, which I never wanted to argue in my life. The reason behind the argument which I perceived was misunderstanding and wrong interpretations of the topics in which both of us were just starters. The outcome of the argument was as usual “nothing” but just waste of energy.

The conclusive discussion was again a pity - whether “ God “ is available or not? The most unfortunate was that my dear friend was arguing the topic even without observing experiences. To broadly understand we presume that there are two ways of God realizations. Bhakthi Margam and Gnanamargam. The option lies with the individuals in opting the margam. Ancient Rishis and saints devised both these methods just to keep human beings onto the humanitarian grounds. But please understand that no rishis or saints had denied the existence of the “God”.

We should understand that nothing is concrete and acceptable. That is what is “rahasya” or"Maya".
We should understand certain suthradharams. We have heard and seen that even enlightened souls (who had reached even above merits and demerits / above detachment and attachments) had never accepted or acknowledged that they are “God’s”. We should understand that what we become after getting enlightened is “Jeevan Mukthi” . No one had said that we become God. Even Jesus proclaims himself as the son of the God. Please do not understand this in literal terms.

To be broad “God is the creator + Destroyer = Paramathma “. Please note that this is not my expression. It has been observed and interpreted by Anubhavasalis (experienced souls) in the Vedas. No human does this activity. Please do not get into self intrepretations in this context.

Concludingly we may observe two aspects

a) Only spiritually experienced persons can draw lines between Jeevathmas and Paramatmas and as rightly said that by the time they reach the stage they get close to the Paramathma and the secret remains unrevealed.
b) God is existing – We may consider God in many forms – as the nature, as the circumstances, Shiva, Vishnu, Allah etc. Rama, Anjaneya, Jesus, Raghavendra are bhakthas. Or in otherwords the normal unrealized human finds God in their forms. Rama was a bhaktha of Lord Shiva, Anjaneya was a bhaktha of Lord Rama, Raghavendra was a bhaktha of Lord Krishna, Ramakrishna was a bhaktha of Devi Kali and so on. They all saw God in different forms. But the God is beyond all these.

Again all these are just to share. Observe and understand. These are not the topics to argue. We should not become persons to argue on the existence of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Jesus or Allah. After all that this is not our concern now.

Let us all stick to the saying of a experienced person who say" Do not waste your time on researching or concluding your methodologies on God" just observe it. These same words are also told in the bhagavat Gita.

So let us start observing, experiencing rather than concluding.

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