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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Nowadays, it is surprising to note that it has become very fashionable to argue with this above topic. It should be understood that practical translation of this above said word is just a simple “belief”.

Let us observe ourselves. We say, “I believe in God”. Have we ever seen GOD? We love our mother, have we ever seen love. We say we will achieve even if we know that there might be lot of obstructions in completion of the work. Don’t we??

Similarly superstitious arises due to the continuity of experiences. One could have faced the outcomes, and one may not. The person who had faced these outcomes believes it. The person, who had not or yet to face it, calls it superstitious.

To my knowledge culture itself is superstitious. Don’t we follow it ? Don’t we commence a new business or do some new starts on an auspicious day? Then why is this confusion?

To be more realistic, whether we believe or not, we have only two categories of people around us. One,who believes or who is superstitious and the other one who pretends not to believe or not to be superstitious. Please note that in both the case they are believers.

Here I thought of adding one more sentences extracted from Hindu Philosophy, which says “you be a Muslim or a Christian, but still you are a Hindu.”

Now we have two options:

Either we believe it or pretend not to believe it.

In both the case we are believers. Now the option is (y)ours.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003
A New Experience

It was 18th August 2003, morning 4 AM. I got up fast, took bath and left to the Airport. It was so special as it was my first Flight experience. I was on the way to attend an official meeting.
The company had booked to and fro air ticket in Air Sahara. The return was on 21st August 2003.

I rushed to the Airport, as the departure time was not too far. Somehow I completed the necessary formalities and boarded onto the flight.

Everything right from reaching the Airport till the necessary formalities was an experience but the experience was terrific. I requested for a window seat and was obliged.

Every one should experience this atleast once in their lifetime.

“I am grateful to God.” Once again.

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