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Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Tirumala - The dharshan

It was yet another beautiful and pleasant experience at Tirumala on 4th August 2003. The climate was cool and calm. I would proclaim by saying that it should be a gift land for Crazy scenic lovers of Nature. Due to our closest relative’s assistance, we booked two double rooms for ten of us for the dharshan on Monday (4th August). Though the dharshan was scheduled at 1 Pm, we had no hurry as we had reached tirumala the previous day (3rd August) itself.

We had our booking for “Unjal Seva”. By the Gods grace, we had a very comfortable dharshan. The most exciting thing is that, if we buy this ticket, we get a chance to dharshan Lord, twice. (I.e. Before the Unjal Seva and after Unjal Seva.)

I purchased yet another single ticket for next day early morning (on 5th August) for “archana ananthra dharshan”. Believe me “it was just a peep in luck”. All we have to do is just to give your thumb impression at the scan counter available near the ticket counter. And Since it was early morning, the crowd seemed also to be very less. I was fortunate enough that the dharshan was just a few centimeters away from Lord Venkatachalaphy. I could not believe my eyes. Very rarely we get chances of this sort and I was lucky enough for the same.

“Thanks to GOD”

Things went on well. We reached home back on 5th of August late in the afternoon.

But believe me “ Tirumala Venky is Tirumala Venky”. In Tamil we say “Enakkunu Oru Idhu Irukku” (something is exclusive with me) and that’s Lord Venkatachalapathy. I have no more words to share. Please note that It has to only be felt.

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