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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Today I accompanied my company’s Audiologist to a deaf school at Chennai to dispense hearing aids for the hearing impaired children’s. The hearing aids were gifted absolutely free of cost on behalf of my company. I was given an opportunity by my company to dispense the hg aids to these childrens. Ofcourse "Thanks to God"

After dispensing the hearing aids, the children expressed confidence and heartfelt happiness all around, and it seemed that for the first time they had realized, listened, and understood situations like any other ordinary children’s do.

I felt that it was a situation, where we plan to buy something (which we are really in need and which we cannot live without) as though we know that it is highly unaffordable, but finally we get it surprisingly at absolutely free of cost as “gifts”, which we had never even thought of.

Monday, July 21, 2003
I had been on tour last week to North Arcot district. I was surprised and worried to find that some students were writing their exams under the hot sun in a corporation school. I happened to visit one of my friends place “Anganathavalasi”, near Tirupattur. He had become a responsible farmer by profession. I was astonished to learn the life of farmers. Till date I was hearing these problems only on TV’s and Newspapers. But when he took me to his place in the interiors where I could examine the real problems of the farmers, I was taken aback. It was pity to note that profits or even returns depended only on the advent of rains. They are solely dependent on nature.
He is a BSc graduate from a well-known Christian college. But for family reasons he had to forcibly take up the job in the fields. He is the only son of a 75-year-old father.
I was so much in tears when he said, “ I was unable to contact you for so many days because I did not even had 10 rupees to spend on telephones”.
I personally observed that he was not visited even by his near relatives and friends frequently. But he felt happy on my visit.
I was also astonished to note that his father, an experienced Farmer, who had never been or exposed to city life’s or medias, discussed various political issues and spiritual matters fluently. He was a strict admirer of Thiruvalluvar. But he was against warriar swamigal, as he never liked saints or spiritual leaders getting into advertisements.

Finally when I reached the Railway station with the help of my schoolmate Jagannathan, we were recollecting all those school days and discussed the same.
It was a good experience.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Abdul Kalam – the President of India

I was highly influenced on the simple attitude and the inspiring talk during his visit to Anna University, Chennai. The communicating style besides exceptional was educative, motivating and influencing.

His experience was very much realistic, “no exaggeration like some politicians and Business persons do”. I would rather say a “Positive and honest approach to life”.

It was highly emotional while watching a private broadcast News Channel, where the Jammu & Kashmir’ians asserted:

“ We are overwhelmed by the daring Visit of the President” as Mr.Kalam is the first President who had taken so much of interest to visit.

And please note that he never spoke politics there and even then when a small boy questioned, he smiled and replied

“You plan your future, your family, leave the political matters with the politicians.”
(Any other political leaders would have hugged, appreciated the boy for such a question. Isn’t it?)

Tuesday, July 08, 2003
“Om Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnamudachyate
Purnasya Purnamadaya Purnamevavas isyate”

How is the above stanza? I went thru the above stanza and found it to be a interesting verse for spiritual lovers…so I thought of sharing this with you all…..

It says …..
Completeness is that, Completeness is this
From completeness, Completeness comes forth,
Completeness from completeness taken away
Completeness to completeness added
Completeness alone remains….

Purnamadah: “That” is Whole
Purnamidam: “This” is Whole
Purnat: From Completeness
Purnamudachayate: Completeness comes forth
Purnasya Purnamadaya: taking away completeness from complete and adding complete to completeness
Purnamevavas isyate: Completeness alone remains.

Note: Readers will be aware of the so-called Upanishads. The above verse is extracted from I savasyopanishad, the text traditionally studied first, by a new student.

Monday, July 07, 2003
Gateway into this Blog(ck)

Self-Introduction may not be necessary, as I am not known to my bad friends. Thanks to Sankar Narayanan, the man behind this ambiguous person and for formality sake I thank him once again for introducing me onto a platform like this, which may become a gateway to help me to release all my day to day / weekly stress. He..he..he……….

Now?? How to start with? Or have I already started?
I presume that most of my upcoming topics, though may be thoughts (My) of Individuality, might flavour and favour philosophy and sometimes spirituality.

Let me observe that I was introduced by somebody onto this blogger system, which I never knew or never thought of such things before. But please note that the operational part of this system is left completely at my own responsibility.(I decide my fate). People judge this system by analyzing the scope of individual topics and hidden attitudes opened or exposed through this platform. But this system might exist for sometime till a new system opens up with much more appeals then forcibly we upgrade onto a new one.
Now after I start posting my views on to this system, my mistakes might also be pointed out without screening, which might help me to reach to a kind of understanding attitude from where our thinking system gets purified (“Purified” here refers more matured than before”).

I correlate all these above with life.
Do You? or if you do not, please let me know your reply at

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